Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Doomknight Bug

This is a handy little bug, which has probably been in existence since Doomknight was released.
If you logged on with DK, re-equip DK. Try attacking an enemy then re-equipping it as well. Its DPS will increase significantly.
Special thanks to Knick_knack

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Enhance for Free

Very handy little glitch.

Log onto AQW and go into a server.
Open another window and log onto AQW, but do not pick a server. Then close or refresh the second window.
Now in the first window enhance one of your weapons.
It will log you out.
When you log back in, your item will be enhanced for free :D

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The new noob wep to have.
The code for unlocking Beckett Shop at Valencia is 'oicu812'.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reputation Farming

Reputation Farming is a tedious process, but there are great items awaiting those who have the patience.

* Denotes mem only.

Dwarfhold ---
The most effective way to gain dwarfhold rep is to do the Mining Cart, Tavern*, and Llama dailies consistently.
If you are impatient and willing to go through boredom, go to Dwarfhold and farm the Radiant Lamp quest. What makes Radiant Lamp awesome is that it only requires 3 quest items and sometimes glowworms drop 2 quest items making Rep farming as fast or faster than the dailies, but it gets boring.

Evil rep --
1. Get to rank 4 by farming the slimes at /join newbie or /join swordhaven.
2. Once you hit rank 4, a 600 rep quest, 1k* rep quest, and 4k* rep quest will unlock.
3* Do the daily everyday, it's an easy, quick 4k rep.
4. In a new window or tab, put a secondary at Gravelyn in a private /join shadowfall.
5. Copy the phrase "/join castleundead-9999" or a similar private room.
6. Find at least one person to help you, best would probably be three other people.
7. Patience.
At top speed, I think I reached 25k rep per hour.

Good rep --
1. Get to rank 4 by farming the slimes at /join newbie or /join swordhaven.
2. Once you hit rank 4, a 600 rep quest, 1k rep quest, and 4k rep quest will unlock.
3* Do the daily everyday, it’s an easy, quick 4k rep.
4. In a new window or tab, put a secondary at King Alteon in a private /join castle.
5. Copy the phrase "/join castleundead-9999" or a similar private room.
6. Find at least one person to help you, best would probably be three other people.
7. Patience.
4* In a new window or tab, put a secondary at Grumble in a private /join sewer.
5* Copy the phrase "/join castle-9999" or a similar private room.
6* Find at least one person to help you, best would probably be two other people.
7* Patience.

Some Notes: Rank 1 to 4 good is universally slow. For nonmems, Evil rep farming is always faster than Good rep farming. Mems good rep farming with steps 4*-7* will get more rep faster than any other faction. In other words, mem good rep is a blessing from AE.

Yokai --
Early warning...yokai reputation farming is ridiculously slow. If you want to get to rank 8, be ready to put in a LOT of time.
1. /join dragonkoiz
2. Accept all of the Announcer Guy's quests.
3. /goto someone at the Best Challenge...this will unlock the Best Challenge as long as you are logged on. Otherwise, you will have to do the other challenges which offer inferior reputation.
4. Do the Best Challenge; rinse and repeat.
5. Have no life.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Viewing Character Pages and Friends

To view any character's page use the url: NAME

To view any character's friends list use the url: NAME

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shop IDs

1.)Level 1 Shop
3.)Level 3 Shop
4.)Level 5 Shop

6.)Warpforce Shop
8.)Swordhaven Helm
9.)Pirate Class Shop
10.)Battleon Upgrade Shop
11.)Valencia’s AC Shop
12.)Aria's Pet Shop
13.)Walric’s Magic Shop

14.)Mogloween Upgrade Shop
15.)Dwakel Shop
16.)Yulgar’s Weapon Shop
21.)Armor Class Shop
22.)Warlord Class Shop
23.)Sorcerer Class Shop
24.)Acolyte Class Shop
25.)Renegade Class Shop
27.)Assasin Class Shop

31.)New Shop
32.)Grandparent's Day Shop
38.)Dragon Slayer Class Shop
39.)Noob Shop
40.)Crimson Shop
41.)Battleon Armor Shop
44.)Citadel Shop
45.)Storyline - Chaos Weapons Shop
46.)Pactagonal Shop

47.)Shadowfall Evil Shop
48.)Swordhaven Good Shop

49.)Quibble's Shop
52.)Chainsaw Shop
53.)Guardian Shop (Can't buy unless you have special requirement)

54.)DragonLords Shop (Can't buy unless you have special requirement)
55.)Starlords Shop (Can't buy unless you have special requirement)
56.)Lunaris Shop
57.)Solaris Shop
59.)Summer Break Shop
60.)Chuckle’s Shop (Can't buy unless you have special requirement)
61.)Peacock’s Costume
62.)Mustard’s Costume
63.)Plum’s Costume
64.)Hitchgreen’s Costume
65.)Scarlet’s Costume
66.)Whiteberry’s Costume
67.)Sleuth Hound Shop
69.)Suggestion Shop
70.)House Furniture Item Shop
71.)House Shop
72.)House Wall Item Shop
73.)House Misc Item Shop
74.)Mercuria’s Mage Shop
76.)Skull Crusher Shop (Can't buy unless you have special requirement)
77.)Three Little Wolves House Item Shop
78.)Black Knight Shop

79.)Moonwalker Shop
80.)Tavern Dwarfhold Reputation Shop
81.)Deady Shop (Can't buy unless you have special requirement)
82.)Jorxol's Drow Shop
83.)Mick Guyver's House Item Shop
86.)Good Alliance Contract Shop
87.)Evil Alliance Contract Shop
88.)Good Reputation Shop
89.)Evil Reputation Shop
90.)Enhancement Shop
92.)Pirate House Shop
93.)Nekomimi's Costume shop
94.)Kunoichi's Ninja Shop
95.)Dragonkoi Z Yokai Reputation Shop
96.)Obasaan's House Shop
97.)Obasaan's House Item Shop
98.)Mitsu Bishi's Shop
99.)Voltaire House Item Shop (Can't buy unless you have special requirement)
100.)DoomKnight Class Shop
101.)DoomKnight Armor Shop
103.)Beckett's Shop
108.)Mummy Mask Special Offer Shop (Special requirement not required :D)
110.)Deady's Treasure Chest Shop
111.)Deady's "Rare" AC Shop
112.)Starsword Breaker Shop

If I am missing any, please comment and I will update. Also, I will try to keep up with updates as much as possible.
Edit 10/24/09: Added Mogloween Seasonal 09, Mogloween AC 09, Founder Shop, Mummy Mask Special Offer
Edit 11/01/09: Removed Founder Shop.
Edit 11/14/09: Removed Bubble Shop, Toil Shop, Trouble Shop, Safiria Shop, Mogloween Seasonal Shop, Mogloween AC Shop. Added Deady's Treasure Chest Shop, Deady's"Rare" AC Shop.
Edit 11/17/09: Added Starsword Breaker Shop, Beckett's Shop.


A trainer is an application that allows you to imput your own commands into a Flash.

Personally, I use Hell Quest v 0.885 Gamma by Isair (Windows users only).
Click here to download it.
I find it to be simple and easy to carry around since it's an executable file. Its major downside is that it can be quite laggy. If you don't want the lag, get Cross Hell. You'll have to install Cross Hell though, and the interface is awkward at times.

To get started, save Hell Quest in a place where you know you can get back to it. After you open Hell Quest, there will be a routine check for corruption - nothing to be alarmed by. At the top left, click “Connect” and select the “Manual Connection” option. Hit “ok” to the popup and AQW will start up. Keep in mind that Hell Quest is always laggy so make sure the first thing you do is make the quality low and join a private room.

Trainers used to be used for autoing, a process where the trainer spams a set of commands that allow players to automatically train reputation, make money, train classes, or get XP. The player's speed of training depends on the autoer and the processing power of the computer used.
Recently, sometime around 10/12, AE patched all autoing functionality.

This did not nullify the power of the trainer however. Trainers still have one very important function: opening shops on command.
By typing in the shop ID of a shop, if AE has it stored, it will pop up wherever you are.
This function has multiple practical uses.
1. Buy rare stuff (=D)
NOTE: Not all rare shops remain stored in the AE shop database.
2. Farming gold - The ability to open a shop on the spot significantly speeds farming drops as it allows you to sell the drop as soon as you get it, and have to leave.
3. Buying a good item if you are evil aligned and vice-versa.
4. Skipping quest chains like Citadel, Bubble, Trouble, Toil, Safiria, Dragonslayer, Chaos Weapons, Sleuthhound costumes, Black Knight, I COULD GO ON.

More Advanced Players: A Few Tricks and Shortcuts

To begin typing a command, hit "enter" or "/".

"/goto [player name]" will take you to that player, this is an extremely useful function.
You can skip fighting wolves in forestchaos if you /goto a player already at the bear.
You can get to black knight if you /goto a person who has already summoned the black knight.
Also, /goto does not require that person to be in your party, so its use it far more flexible than the party function, but somewhat slower.
NOTE: At the bottom right corner of your game screen, there is an arrow. Click on the arrow to open a drop up panel. This will show you the name and level of each person in your room. Again, going back to forestchaos example, if you see a level 17-20 in forestchaos on a nonmem server, figures that they are already at bear, so /goto him and see what happens. If you have just joined sleuthhound, and you see a level 19 on the panel, /goto him and chances are he will be farming xp.

Useful Shortkeys:
'T' : If you have selected a player, T will select that player's selection. Useful if you are having difficulty clicking on a monster cuz it moves around a lot like a Drow or Thriller.
'I' : Inventory open/close
'U' : Opens a panel listing all the people in the room, large in the center instead of at bottom right.
'V' : Shows a mini health bar over the heads of the characters in your screen. Useful if you are too lazy or too cool to join parties like me.
'1' : auto attack
'2' : first skill
'3' : second skill
'4' : third skill
'5' : fourth skill

NOTE: Shortkeys only work if your chat box is deactivated. If you switch windows a lot, then your chat box might glitch. To reset the deactivated chat box: hit enter twice.

Something neat is if you shift+click, then you can move to a place without selecting an object that is on the place. This is helpful for getting past the Barrier Bots blocking the Mithril Man entrance and Protosartorium exit.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Introduction to AQW

Hey all you fans of Adventure Quest Worlds. Welcome to all players and non-players.
AQW is a great game by Artix Entertainment (AE). New releases all the time keep things exciting. This site is to help you and help me.

Let me open with the basics.
Stake your bets on warrior class as the best starter class choice. I can understand the argument for mage class, but let's be serious. Hopefully, after the addition of stats, there will be more class equity.
To travel to different places type "/join [room]-[room number]". Ex: If I wanted to travel to Yulgar's Inn, I would type "/join yulgar". If I wanted to travel to a private room of Yulgar's Inn, I would type "/join yulgar-xxxx" or "/join yulgar-xxxxx". AE designed it so that only four or five digit numbers would be private, any number below four digits would put you in a room with people and any number above five digits would put you in a five digit room.
Now that you know how to travel to different areas, begin learning the different area names on the world map and exploring.
For a mostly reliable reference encyclopedia on all things AQW go to

Important terms to know:
'mem' - There is an optional membership for this game, and many items are restricted to those who pay the subscription.
'rare' - an item that is no longer available to obtain in-game. ex: default staff, balrog blade, alpha pirate, beta berserker
'AC' - Adventure Coins are special tokens that allow you to buy better gear for a cost. ACs can also be bought with real money or obtained free in smaller amounts through AExtras, which are tedious third-party offers.

Now lets get to business.

/join portalundead and do the "Fire Gem" quest everyday. That should be an easy 12.5k daily.
/join portal and do the Daily that Cleric Dawn offers. Some days it does not work for me, and on some days, the daily will be the Fire Gem quest. /join uppercity to fight chaotic draconians or /join marsh2 to fight the lich.

For gold farming, I would suggest one of two methods: Chaorrupted Bear or Dwakel. Always farm gold with someone else. It saves a lot of time.

1. Chaorrupted Bear - /join forestchaos, 3000 hp, 6 drops
Barbaric Tribesman Armor - 8.75k
Bear Clawed Axe - 2.5k
Chaos Bear Head - 2.5k
Bear Skin Cloak - 2.5k
Feral Druid's Headdress - 6.25k
Chaorrupted Bear Cub - 2.5k

+ Low health
+ Expensive drops
+ Relatively easy drops
- Have to kill 7 wolves to get to
- There is no shop there, so if you want to sell your items and come back, you have to kill 7 wolves again -.-

2. Dwakel - /join dwakel, 1000-2000 hp 8 kills, 2 possible drops, 3 quest items, 200 gold quest reward
Oculation Helm - 2.5k
Battery Cell Pack - 2.5k
Spybot - 2.5k
*Dwakel Bubble Helm - 1.25k
*Dwakel Warrior Sword - 3.75k

*You may or may not get this drop everytime, but they are relatively common.
+ Guarenteed amount of money in a certain time phrame makes for good consistency.
+ Probably the simplest way to farm gold and easiest to farm solo.
- Requires an annoying amount of accepting, turning in, and selling.

1. /join sleuthhound
2. Walk into hotel.
3. Walk upstairs.
4. Take a left turn.
5. Get in between the chair and the table and farm like a hillbilly.

Lvl 15 monsters with 500 hp. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It's like what portalundead used to be for gold, but for xp.